Letter’s End: Building on the national and international successes of LaLaLuna and The Shneedles, physical theatre master Wolfe Bowart returns with his latest all-ages-friendly production Letter’s End - a new box of stories that truly pushes the envelope.

In Letter’s End, we meet the keeper, a man whose job it is to dispose of all unclaimed post. Day after day, year after year, letters and packages fall from above, and the keeper dutifully feeds them into the furnace. With only the roar of the furnace for company, he is a drone in a black and white world. That is, until one day, when the keeper decides to open one of the unclaimed packages … and his life is changed forever. One package leads to another, and the world fills with colour as the long-forgotten memories and stories contained within are finally dusted off and brought to life. Loves confessed, unanswered questions now answered… A mail-order magic kit that a 12-year-old boy never received finally bursts open and reveals its secrets. Soaring hearts and butterflies tell the story of a jilted girlfriend who never knew just how much she was loved those 50 years ago... A letter accompanying an old birdcage recalls the memory of a flitting yellow songbird, that now animates and flies off the page. A snowglobe shaken out of its box sets off a sparkling white snowfall over the stage.  And a sheaf of dusty sheet music reveals a son’s poignant musical tribute to his mother and father.

With his signature mix of circus and theatre, stage illusion, poetic video projection and physical comedy, Wolfe Bowart invites you to cut the string, tear open the brown paper wrapping and live a wondrous world rediscovered in Letter’s End.

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